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About EduKate

Focusing on individual strengths, specializing in personalized instruction, and offering tailored programming designed to meet your child’s needs.

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Are you looking for a learning specialist who has experience in working with individuals K-12? Someone who makes learning fun?

My mission

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Hi! I'm Kate Landrigan, M.A.

Learning Specialist and Founder at EduKate, LLC 

My mission is to help students learn how to navigate their challenges in math and build compensatory strategies for learning by providing assessment, targeted interventions, and support with executive functioning so that they feel more confident and better able to understand mathematical concepts.

I'm passionate about providing a different approach to learning math because I experienced my own set of learning challenges that went undiagnosed until high school. I understand what it feels like to struggle.

That's why I've been supporting individuals with learning disabilities or challenges as a Learning Specialist, Autism Teacher, and Student Achievement Coach for the last 20 years. During this time, I've helped develop educational programming in brick-and-mortar school buildings, as well as virtual, online settings. My practice concentrates on helping to remediate learning challenges by providing intensive interventions and math support for those with learning difficulties, executive functioning needs, and/or ASD.

In addition to holding a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction, a B.S. in Psychology, I actively maintain a dual Professional Teacher License (Elementary and SPED) from the State of Colorado. I am also trained and certified in Add+Vantage (AVMR) and Math Recovery. 


When I'm not focusing on how to personalize instruction and help students achieve success with their learning, I'm spending time with my husband, two boys (9 yrs. and 6 yrs.), and cat, Marble. Other interests and adventures include visits with extended family and friends in New England, hiking all forty-eight, 4,000+ ft. Mts. in NH, alpine skiing, camping, road trips, traveling abroad, taking pictures, going to shows at Red Rocks and listening to live music!

"Contacting Kate Landrigan was by far one of the best things we did for our daughter." 

Please read my Background Statement for more information, or click here to learn more about educational therapy.

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