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Virtual learning

Supporting parents and students during this uncertain time when learning might be especially challenging

Image by Annie Spratt

Are you struggling to make sense of what school looks like in the virtual type of setting?

We know so many students, parents, and teachers that are working harder than ever before to figure out their new learning environments. Due to a recent shift towards distance learning, we are also offering MORE BASIC TUTORING SUPPORT to help with your current distance learning situation.


Let us help you navigate your particular circumstance.


We have experience working with the online school (OLS) and a plethora of different learning management systems (LMS), including Google Classroom, Infinite Campus, Schoology, Seesaw,, and more!


Tutoring rates (per individual) are $100.00/hr.

Tutoring support can include:

-Assistance with your academic institutions learning platform;

-Preview/ review of what is being learned in school;

-Help with homework;

-60 min. of 1:1 support (provided virtually or in-person);

-Learning facilitated through Zoom (if meeting virtually).

*Please review our Safety Protocols around COVID-19 for in-person sessions.

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