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Your child's educational and emotional wellbeing is our top priority. Learn how to get started.


Helping students K-12 learn math so that they can experience academic success and emotional well-being—and become more resilient.

Part of my intake process entails first making sure that you feel my services as a learning specialist and educational therapist will be a good fit for your child's needs. While my current services primarily entail support for math, I also help students with their executive functioning needs. That said, one of the biggest aspects that differentiates me from a tutor is that my approach primarily focuses on providing interventions (that help remediate skills or increase cognitive demand) vs. solely focusing on homework.  Please click here for more information about the differences between Educational Therapy vs. Tutoring.

  • Upon working with your child, I will administer specific assessments, questionnaires, and/or inventories in the area(s) of need to help me gather the most current information about personal interests, experiences, and present levels of performance.

  • Once I have had the chance to review records and gather the appropriate information, I will provide you with a comprehensive assessment report and individualized treatment plan that includes a conspectus of the whole child, a complete analysis and interpretation of my findings, and specific interventions that will be targeted during our sessions.

  • After you have had a chance to review the information and data provided in the initial written evaluation report, you will have a chance to decide how many sessions might be the best fit for your child/student/family.


*Please note that while the information reported may contribute to an already suspected and/or foreseen medical diagnosis, as an educational therapist, I do not formally diagnose specific learning disabilities and/or other health-related impairments. Rather, the intention and purpose behind this report is to provide you with a body of evidence that will be used to create specific intervention goals, suggested accommodations that would benefit your child's learning, and recommendations to help strengthen educational skills and abilities.

Our services

Customized for your child's needs and your budget.

Basic Tutoring Support:

Per student (60 min.)--$100.00 

Initial Assessment Process:

Comprehensive Assessment Report--$895.00 


Annual Materials Fee--$65.00 (counted on the first invoice)

Meetings/ consult calls that exceed 15min. will be charged-- $35.00 +15min.

*Travel/Parking- may incur an additional cost (i.e., subject to change)

10 sessions:

*30 or 60 min. options available
30 min. sessions= $750

60 min. sessions= $1400



20 (60min.) sessions:




35 (60min.) sessions:



Session packages must be used within one calendar year from purchase.

Payment options:

-Payments are expected and due at or before the first meeting session. 

-Installment dates for payments are available upon request and will be agreed upon by EduKate, LLC and the client, and listed on the first invoice.

-Payment can be made in the form of cash, check, or by using an automated payment system

(i.e., Zelle or Venmo @Kate-Landrigan).

*Please note that a late fee of $25.00 will be applied to overdue or outstanding balances.

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