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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are now offering tutoring support to meet your virtual learning needs!

Empowering students to achieve their learning goals 


Are you concerned your

child might be falling behind in math?

We provide a different approach to learning math that focuses on individual strengths, personalized instruction, and tailored programming that is designed to meet your child’s needs.

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How an educational therapist can help

Do you wish that you could find a dually certified teacher that is endorsed in elementary and special education and is able to teach to your child’s unique needs?

Individualized support

We provide individualized and intensive interventions to help remediate and work on foundational skills.



We help students build their confidence in order to become more self-aware, self-reliant, and efficient learners

Environmental factors

We consider the impact of school, family, and community—and how that affects your child's learning.

Makes learning fun

We recognize different learning behaviors and how this type of thinking affects academics and social-emotional learning.

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Math and Geometry Tools

Taking the guesswork out of learning essential math skills

Are you tired of skimming the surface by knowing that your child/ student struggles with math and that something is wrong, but not being able to pinpoint exactly what the difficulty in math is?

School Supplies

"Contacting Kate Landrigan was by far one of the best things we did for our daughter." 

What can we say about Kate? As you will soon find out yourselves, contacting Kate Landrigan was by far one of the best things we did for our daughter. Having a child with ADHD is a challenge in itself. But Kate did indeed accomplish the impossible: She found a way to connect with our daughter and set a solid foundation for learning for both today and for the future. In short, she made math fun!

- Parents of a 5th gr. student, 2016

About Kate

Kate Landrigan has been supporting individuals as a Learning Specialist, Autism Teacher, and Student Achievement Coach for the last 20 years.  During this time, she has helped develop educational programming in brick-and-mortar school buildings, as well as virtual, on-line settings.  As an Educational Therapist, Kate works to combine educational and therapeutic approaches for evaluation, remediation, case management, and communication/advocacy on behalf of children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities or learning challenges.


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